bodybuilderBodybuilding is a sacred practice for many especially those who want fitness as a way of their life. It is also associated with self-expression. The real challenge is not just to build muscle, but to have the will to do it organically. If you adopt any shortcut or go for a quick-fix solution, then the results won’t be long lasting and may even have adverse effect on your health.

Considering these factors, it is always advisable to practice bodybuilding as a mid-term to a long term goal. There can be many approaches to training and working out depending on the body type, goals, time available and so on. generally speaking, an aspirant should begin with weight loss and fitness targets, and move on gaining muscles gradually.

Here are a few workout tips for bodybuilding:

1) Seek professional advice
It is always advisable to take seek professional guidance in planning your bodybuilding schedule. This would help you stay away from the wrong path. Most of us think not from our mind but from the standpoint of our hopes and desires. This can be disastrous as physical world is governed by the laws of nature and your body won’t grow overnight just because you want it to.

2) Set a clear goal
If you can think it right, then it is highly probable that you can execute it right. In fact, divide the plan in sub-plans and be specific even with day by day goals. Like your weight loss or gain targets. Therefore, make sure every step you take is planned. Here are a few good articles on goal setting, make sure to check them out!

3) Have an aggressive state of mind
Complacency undermines any type of goals or objectives we make. There are times during exercise when your body tells you that you have had enough for the day. But if that extra effort is still pending, then don’t give in. In fact as soon as you enter the gym, go for the gold and begin with the regimen without any ado. However, this is said in good faith and if your body gives some alarm signals then talk it over with your trainer.

4) Goals first, socialising later
And neither is gym a place for socialising. It is utterly important to aspire for fulfilling your goal of bodybuilding first. A lot of people go to gym and end up with a lot of friends who are not helpful in reaching for pursuing the goal of building body. Make sure you go to gym for achieving your goal and not socialising.

Take care of nutrition
bodybuilding nutritionAlong with burning fat and then building muscles, it is of utmost importance that you supplement it with the right kind of nutrition. The body needs carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins to function properly. Ask your trainer for the right kind of nutrition to consume before and after exercise and/or consult a decent book about bodybuilding nutrition.

Depending on your body weight, type and goal, the trainer would suggest you something.

Generally it is advisable to consume some carbohydrates and proteins about 2 hours before exercising. However, it could vary from person to person depending on various factors. The objective of nutrition is twofolds, one is to make you spend more energy by a tough workout and second is to restore the required amount. Though they may sound contradicting but that is the way it works.

Self-motivation: Tell yourself you can do it
Sometimes we get lost in our own thoughts and after working out for a few days realize that bodybuilding is not for me. In this situation, you need motivation. For this, you can self-motivate yourself by repeating your mind or speaking out loud that, ‘I can build any type of body I want to’. This message could vary depending on your goal or challenge you are facing, but it is tried and tested method of self-motivation.

Follow bodybuilding rules and guidelines
Some over enthusiastic aspirants overdo things and end up holding the wrong end of the stick. To make sure you are not that person, listen to the trainer’s advice. Improvisation with exercises can be done once you gain some experience. Before it, stick to the rulebook.

To build muscle, you will need a lot of training, self discipline and overcoming the natural instincts of your body. You can begin with a fitness plan, and gradually gain muscle without hurting your body. If you try to gain muscle even without getting fit first, then it would be disastrous. And above all, a positive frame of mind can take you a long way.

healthyStaying fit is bliss. Those who have been there know it and long to reach there once again. Unlike bodybuilding, staying fit does not require much effort on your part except for following several routine rituals. Also, there are several social advantages in staying as a fit body is more attractive. You have higher chances of growth in your career. Women are more attracted to men with fitter bodies. The list is nearly endless.

But why all these advantages accrue to fit people? The reason is simple, fitness gives shine to your skin, your release positive vibes, you are healthy and optimistic, more productive than otherwise, and so on.

But, is getting fit all just about losing weight? No it is not. It is more about disciplining your body and not getting followed by just its instincts. This does not mean that you have to be disciplinarian and withdraw from all sensual pleasures, in fact it means training your body to know when to indulge and when not to.

Yoga, the sure shot way to fitness!
yoga for menYoga is the sure shot way to staying fit with minimum exercise. It does not require jogging for miles or lifting weight. To stay fit, you just need to find a corner of your house or garden, and start practicing asanas (postures). A healthy body needs lungs with good capacity to hold oxygen, properly functioning brain cells, blood pressure under constant check, body free from ailments of constipation, migraine, sinus, headaches, relaxed muscles and so on.

To achieve these, Kapalbhati is one of the Yogas. Once you learn it, it does not require any assistance from beyond. You don’t have to wake up very early in the morning to practice it. Neither do you have to keep yourself off the tasty and delicious food you relish. Whatever you do, make sure you follow the simple routine of practicing Kapalbhati. There are more asanas including Bhastarika which addresses specific problems like asthma, tonsils, and curing migraine apart from several others.

Regular practicing yoga brings a glow on your face and makes you attractive.

Weight loss for men!
Men have a slight advantage over women when it comes to losing weight but there are still many challenges to overcome. You will still need to workout and that too with a well-structured diet and exercise plan. A fat body is going to work against you all along in your endeavour to lose the extra pounds. The fat itself will put up a huge resistance when you would try to get rid of it. Our body has the inherent ability to prepare for adverse situations. Fat is a source of energy and strategically, body won’t let it go. So if you plan of exercising and giving low calories to your body, the results won’t be overnight.

metabolismAs soon as the body realizes that the food supply has been reduced it would begin storing fat. This could undermine the whole effort you are putting up. Since fat is a good source of energy your body instinctively hangs on to it. When you exercise, it would start to burn muscle while storing the evil itself. The body also slows down metabolism. You can call this state an emergency mode response since body considers these situations as threat to survival. Body can’t differentiate between wilful starvation and starving to death. So in both cases, it gives its natural response and this, defeats the very purpose of exercising and dieting.

After a few days of workout, the man aspiring to lose weight does not get desired results and quits the regimen. Since the body has already not build muscle infect burnt it, the metabolism slows down as well. It is noteworthy that muscles require more energy for survival than fat.

A few tips for quick weight loss!

  • Make goals regarding losing the weight. Follow it strictly.
  • Make sure goals are practicable. Consult a trainer if necessary.
  • Weigh yourself often, and if possible, daily!
  • Workout on a routine basis and if possible, daily.
  • Workout should be a balance of exercises.
  • Don’t be a couch potato!
  • Eat in bits and pieces! Make sure you eat before you get too hungry.
  • Consult a dietician!

Tell your friends and family about your goal so that you are under a constant reminder and peer pressure for achieving the goals.

For those of you who want to go for bodybuilding, you need to gain muscle and it can be done with training and working out hard.